1. RWADE's Avatar
    I can't recall ever seeing the message on cydia about storing these files but I might have, and I dont want to go through the motions of a restore to find out i have to reload everything again. Also lets say mine is not on file I know Saurik said that the server was coming back online tonight , is there a way to input that information without a jailbroken device?
    16GB Black 3GS limping on 3.1
    2009-09-15 03:35 AM
  2. Zwayne's Avatar
    It would look like this....
    2009-09-15 03:41 AM
  3. AbrasBR's Avatar
    Dude, what about me?I really dont remember this message.
    But i have nothing here.

    2009-09-15 05:35 AM
  4. L00i3's Avatar
    touch on the "changes". It is possible that that change it is showing available is the update to cydia that enabled the process.
    2009-09-15 05:37 AM
  5. plegra97's Avatar
    It is not currently available. However, Saurik says that he is going to be making it available for 3.1 tonight. That means that when you get the "Make My Life Easier" option in Cydia later tonight Cydia will be storing your info for a future downgrade to 3.1 You can do this even if you are currently running 3.0 on your phone. The only difference to doing this now as opposed to last week is that you will only be able to downgrade to 3.1 via restore in the future and not 3.0 which shouldn't make a difference as long as the Dev Team comes out with a JB for 3.1 (which appears to be in the works).
    2009-09-15 06:02 AM
  6. AbrasBR's Avatar
    touch on the "changes". It is possible that that change it is showing available is the update to cydia that enabled the process.
    No, the changes is one app i have installed, not cydia.

    I know that, but id like to have the option to restore to 3.0,cause in case anything happens to my phone, i can stay in the same version and use purpleSnow. What i cant quite understand, is why i didnt get this cydia update to get my files backed up. I refresh it everyday.

    2009-09-15 08:09 AM
  7. plegra97's Avatar
    Not sure why you didn't get the message if you check every day. When Saurik released it you hsould have had an "essential upgrade" when you entered Cydia. Once you performed this update your Cydia home screen should have had a link that said "Make my life easier" on it. You would have clicked it and your ECID would have been stored making it possible for you to restore back in 3.0 from 3.1

    Unfortunately, if you didn't get your ECID on file with Cydia in time then I don't think you're ever going to be able to go back to 3.0 If jailbreaking is your main concern then you probably have nothing to worry about since it seems that a jailbreak for 3.1 should be available soon.
    2009-09-15 08:17 AM
  8. rgch999's Avatar
    Can anyone confirm whether the below has actually happened with regard to those of us who missed out the first time.If so what do we have to do to get ours on file. I have been waiting for something to appear on Cydia telling me how to do it but have had noting yet.Is the "on file system" back on line.
    "A Narrow Window
    Unfortunately, due to the timing of the release (it took a while for me to figure out how to do this effectively), many users failed to get their ECID's in by Apple's cutoff. However, while this means these users will not be able to downgrade to (or even stay at) 3.0, an exploit has (supposedly) been found in 3.1.

    This means that, at some point in the tangible but unknown future, users will be able to use iPhoneOS 3.1 on their 3G[S] to jailbreak their devices.

    To faciliate this, the Cydia "on file" system is going to come back online tonight and start signing ECIDs using the 3.1 firmware, to prepare for the coming release from Apple when users will once again be locked out.
    Hopefully, by then, we'll have hundreds of thousands of users fully protected against Apple's "Information Purification Directives"."
    2009-09-17 07:42 AM