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  1. Half-Mafia's Avatar
    hello every1,

    im very confused. ive got a 3GS on 3.0 jailbroken. i also have them iBEC and iBSS.

    but i dont no what this ECID is.

    ive seen that there is meant to be a message at the top of cydia but i have nothing.

    when i refresh i get this error.

    the version of cydia ive got is 1.0.3030-62.

    Even if you did not update your 3GS to official 3.1 (good job! You really shouldn’t do that!), then you should still read the article and make those changes today. We fully recommend redirecting your iTunes signing process through saurik’s “on file” server to future-proof your 3GS jailbreak through all future updates.
    i dont no what any of this is 'itunes signing process' and doing this 'on file' thing.

    what do i do now to be safe in the future.

    sorry about all these stupid question but im worries about losing the option to jailbreak to 3.1 or never being about to jailbreak.

    2009-09-15 04:03 PM
  2. JedixJarf's Avatar
    Those screenshots just mean that your phone cant talk to that repository for whatever reason, looks like a 404 error.
    2009-09-15 04:10 PM
  3. BlackWolf's Avatar
    in any case, the thing on top of cydia is gone since apple stopped signing 3.0. if you havn't gotten your ECID for 3.0 by now, you can't get it anymore and have to wait for a 3.1 jailbreak. you will then be able to get the 3.1 ECID :-)
    2009-09-15 04:19 PM