1. BlakGzus's Avatar
    So i just bought my 3gs running 3.0.1
    Got the phone jb'ed and unlocked.
    After attempting to erase all settings the phone froze
    and is currently stuck at the apple boot logo.

    I gave the phone about 5 hrs to erase settings but now 4 days later im still stuck on logo screen.

    I know i shouldnt\cant upgrade (tmo) and i know that i cant restore
    through itunes yet, but i tried to capture my IBSS and IBEC ids and got two folders, but nothing appears to be in them. I have my ECID also.

    But at this point i just need some advice. Since i cant restore or upgrade is it possible that i did not actually get the two signature files needed and (i know this is a long shot) but would anyone know whether that info is even accessible without having properly running firmware.

    Thanks in advance!
    2009-09-15 09:59 PM