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    Hello everyone,
    here's my situation. 3GS with jailbreak, 3.01. Stupidly enough i did not do the Cydia ECID registration on time (i am officially a jackass).
    That said, everything was good till the day after 3.1 was released. Turned off my iPhone for the night, turned it back on the next morning and boom... endless boot loop with apple logo and pinwheel, and was never able to use the phone ever since. I tried the restore, and found out the hard way that apple stop signing the old FW's. Maybe i am paranoid, but it won't surprise me if Apple found a way to figure out if a phone is JB and uploaded some code to force the user to restore. I only say this because hours before turning the phone off, i mistakenly hit the "App store" app and logged in. But as i said, maybe i am just paranoid.
    So here's the question ... should i upgrade to 3.1 so i can go back using my un-JB phone, or does anyone think there is a way i can still upgrade through pwnage 3.1 (if and when it will be released) even if my phone doesn't boot? I have an old phone so for now i am just using that for my calls, and won't bother me much to do this for a few more weeks/months, if there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Just so you know, i am able to browse the whole iphone filesystem with ifuntastic, which also recognizes the phone with the FW 3.01.
    Thank you to everyone for any insight you may have.

    2009-09-16 01:37 AM
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    If you are JB on 3.0.1 PLEASE do not upgrade to 3.1.

    There really is no good reason to do it. Once JB always JB.

    Saurik (and quite frankly I) can obtain the challenge/responses for your particular phone for 3.1.

    The only thing I'm unsure of (since I'm new to this thanks to saurik) is whether the ApChipID and the UniqueBuildID are actually unique to your phone or unique to the ipsw.
    2009-09-16 02:25 AM
  3. mbongio's Avatar
    Thank you, you're a good man. It's great to find a forum like this one where old-but-young-at-heart farts like me, can get their mess straighten out with the help of people like you, Saurik, etc.
    2009-09-16 02:34 AM
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    i think the OP was sort of alluding to the idea that he connected his phone and somehow it upgraded itself.
    Turned off my iPhone for the night, turned it back on the next morning and boom... endless boot loop with apple logo and pinwheel, and was never able to use the phone ever since.
    just an FYI that never ever happens. the phone will not update unless you initiate an update in itunes by first
    a) downloading a new firmware when prompted
    b) installing said update when prompted

    i would imagine maybe some third party extension was on the iphone?
    i had a girl drop her phone and give it to me to fix (it was a 3g) and never was able to fix it as it said there was no sim and an invalid ECID (or something similar) so sometimes these crazy things happen.
    2009-09-16 02:47 AM
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    Actually not. The phone never upgraded itself.
    All i was saying is that i found interesting that the endless loop started just a day after apple stopped signing the old FW's. Other than that, even if i am in an endless loop and haven't seen the springboard since this all happened, i can still see with iFuntastic that the phone has a 3.01 firmware and is JB'd.

    2009-09-16 10:05 AM
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    He has failed to mention here an extremely important piece of information. His phone was purchased in Europe, factory unlocked. The baseband update does not affect him then, correct? He'll just have an unjailbroken phone for a few days (or however long it takes for the new program to release). Am I correct in my understanding of this?

    EDIT: Problem solved through PM. You're very welcome man, feel free to hit me up anytime you need help with anything, jailbreaking helps to supplement my income a little bit here in Vegas, and people ask questions and tend to walk way if I can't at least find the answer in a reasonable amount of time. LOL
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    2009-09-16 10:31 AM