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    This is my first post, but I have been reading these forums religiously for the past few months since I purchased a 3G this May.

    I recently bought a 3G[S] on the day 3.1 came out, and of course, wisely did not upgrade (it came with 3.0.1). Unfortunately, by the time I tried to get my iBEC and IBSS Sep 10, signatures of 3.0 and 3.0.1 firmwares were stopped by Apple.

    I want to unlock and JB in the future, but I am worried about the risk in something going wrong since I have the IPCC installed to allow tethering and I use that on a daily basis, and would be severely inconvenienced if I lost it.

    Is there a way to get my ECID SHSH on file (I have my actual ECID number) without jailbreaking? My concern is if something fails in the process and I would be forced to restore (to 3.1). I am with AT&T and don't need the unlock, but would like it so that I may use it abroad with prepaid SIMs when I travel in a few months. Thus, I know I want to JB and unlock in the near future... the question is... is it key that I do this now, before the 3.1 3G[s] jailbreak is out?

    Any thoughts, strategies, etc?
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    If keeping the ability to unlock is most important to you then you should wait for 3GS compatible Pwnage program to JB 3.1 and preserve baseband at the same time. For tethering on 3.1, someone will find a solution or at worst you could use a 3rd party program like pdanet.
    2009-09-17 01:47 AM