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    change the host info like he stated, unintall itunes, re-install itunes, put the iPhone in DFU mode plug it in and then retore it to the 3.0 firware...this worked for me after i kept getting the (1604) error code over and over again

    this is where i got the info from

    This is a fix if you get a Unknown Error (1604) screen.

    * Turn off the iPhone and pull the chord from the computer
    * Uninstall iTunes 7.4
    * Re-Install iTunes
    * Restart your computer if prompted
    * Pull the SIM card out of the top of the iphone (Instructional Video)
    * Get the Yellow Triangle of Death or The Cable to iTunes screen[Hold the home and power buttons for max 30 seconds]
    * Plug in your phone and open iTunes
    * Hit Restore(It should be working by now...)
    * Re-insert your SIM card into your iPhone.
    * Re-activate your iPhone.
    * Restore your data from your latest update
    2009-09-17 05:08 AM