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    Hey guys, any answers to these questions? I've been finding conflicting things amongst forums and no clear answers to my questions. I would love some definitive answers if there are any out there.

    1. For the people who have purchased an iphone 3GS with version 3.01 (unlocked & unjailbroken)from apple, if they jailbroke it using the 3.0 firmware, how do they get the ECID code from their phone without needing to do a factory restore? This also goes for the IBSS/IBEC files - is it possible to get without a restore?

    2. If they are able to jailbreak 3.01 without a restore (straight out of the box and pwned), will that ECID code be useful for current & future downgrades?

    3. Will Saurik's server be storing any new 3.01 ECIDs from freshly jailbroken phones, or just the ECIDs for 3.1 from this point on?

    So if you read between the lines to my questions, I'm trying to assess if any of us have the option of trying to find a 3.01 phone to purchase that will lead to a jailbroken device that will also be future-proofed, or should we just suck-it-in, and wait to buy a 3.1 device when the jailbreak has been worked out?

    Cheers guys, and a BIG thank you to Saurik, the dev team and others who have been working on this for us.

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    2009-09-17 11:44 AM
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    1. If you have a 3GS with 3.0.1., just use redsn0w or w/e to jailbreak it...

    2. I don't think there's any more stored 3.0.1 ECID codes to be had but jailbreaking works fine with the 3.0 IPSW.

    3) No, as above, the window already closed. Soon we will be able to store our 3.1 signatures (DO NOT UPGRADE TO 3.1 THOUGH - JUST HOLD OFF - YOU CAN STORE YOUR SIGNATURE WITHOUT UPGRADING...)

    If you're thinking of making a purchase, not sure why you would "wait and buy a 3.1" versus buying a 3.0.1 right now
    2009-09-17 05:59 PM
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    yea, it would help if you said which phone you have...
    2009-09-17 06:36 PM
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    Sorry, I thought it was clear at the time. - my whole post was regarding 3GS. I know i could buy it now, but was holding off until i knew my options - knowing my luck, i'd try to jailbreak it, and the possibilty that it could crash and need to restore to 3.1 without and ECIDs worried me. - I'd hate to pay all that money for a phone I wasn't happy with, when i currently have a 3G - just want more room for music / apps.

    Thanks guys for your posts. If anyone else has any extra info or opinions, please share. SINC
    2009-09-18 01:16 AM