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  1. NoNe23's Avatar
    I have a iphone 3gs at 3.1,

    I have my ecid, ibss, and ibec on my computer but i didnt submit it to the server, what should i do now? is there any way to send them in to the server?

    I Did have my iphone jailbroken at one point until i had to restore to 3.1
    2009-09-21 01:08 AM
  2. Kally's Avatar
    This morning I finally got the message that my ECID file is stored now my question is that it says my 3.1 ECID but my iphone is on the 3.01 version - why does it say 3.1 when I'm not on that version yet.

    Thanks all.
    2009-09-21 11:51 AM
  3. FLEISCH's Avatar
    You can just save for 3.1 and there is no way to do it for 3.0 oder 3.0.1. You have to wait til a custom firmware 3.1 comes around without upgrading the baseband. Then you can stay at 3.1 but jailbreaked and unlocked. There will be no going back to 3.0 or 3.0.1 in your case (if you need the unlock).
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    2009-09-21 12:00 PM
  4. Csapi007's Avatar
    Can i restore to 3.0(.1) with 3.1 ECID?
    2009-09-21 12:37 PM
  5. FLEISCH's Avatar
    You can't!!! Look above! (my last post)
    2009-09-21 12:54 PM
  6. spalter's Avatar
    Hey Fleisch, did you already manage our problem?
    2009-09-21 01:19 PM
  7. FLEISCH's Avatar
    Half. We both once clicked "I hate jailbreaking", not good. But there is on the cydia homescreen under the credits a hidden field called "developing". You can click this but nothing happens. It's a way to start the ECID collecting, too. I try to get more information and wrote via twitter to saurik that the developing "field" is out of order... Let's see, maybe we'll be on the happy side of life. ;-)
    2009-09-21 01:49 PM
  8. vegasmalone's Avatar
    Wait so if you have a 3gs with 3.0.1 jailbroken FW and have 3.1SHSH on file, will we be able to unlock the phone with 3.1 in the future? or are we stuck on 3.0.1 forever??!?! LOL
    2009-09-21 05:20 PM
  9. bigg_daddy's Avatar
    if i have my ecid on the server while i was on the 3.0.1, can I restore my 3.0.1 with the same 3.0.1 fw? there is something going on with my phone and it is currently on the 3.0.1. or do i have to restore it back to 3.0?
    2009-09-21 08:12 PM
  10. spalter's Avatar
    @ Fleisch: i hope so. Please tell me of you get an answer.
    2009-09-21 08:21 PM
  11. elrik428's Avatar
    Hello to everyone!! I just bought my new 3GS and I'm reading all these stuff about ECID, iBEC etc. From what I read I can't obtain my ECID through cydia. I tried to obtain the other 2 files by changing the hosts address but i got a message that my device is not eligible to restore in this FW so I can't get the files. I'd like to ask what's the best thing to do? Update to 3.1? JB without having obtained the 2 files?
    2009-09-21 10:19 PM
  12. MATADOR473's Avatar
    I have a 3GS on 3.0 . 3.1 ECID SHSH is on file @ cydia . my question is what exactly does this mean ? how do i get access to it on cydia ? when the jailbreak/unlock comes around for 3.1 how will i be able to use this i`m confused and if anybody can shine a light on me i`d be thankful . is there anything else i should do to my phone to prepare it for future upgrades ... other than having my ECID & SHSH ON FILE .. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL.
    2009-09-21 11:14 PM
  13. speedy.99's Avatar

    because of a Cydia problem I had to restore to 3.1.

    I have the IBSS, IBEC from 3.0.1 locally on my PC.
    The hex id of ECID, but purplera1n seems to have a problem, it could not saved as file.

    And 3.1 ECID SHSH is on file @ cydia.

    Could I downgrade or Jailbreak with this informations/files?

    2009-09-21 11:57 PM
  14. cyrex's Avatar
    where do u see that please tell me ????

    My iphone is 3gs running 3.01 and its jailbreaked where can i see the feel lucky thing ???

    and it says this device has a 3.0 ECID SHSH on file , so please could some one explain to me what do i have to do ? in regards to upgrading the phone to 3.1 do i have to wait ?
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    2009-09-22 12:53 AM
  15. 3ddy's Avatar
    it's strange...

    my 3gs is on 3.01 since day one. i have never flash 3.0 before
    but cydia has '3.0 ECID SHSH on file'
    am i missing something?
    2009-09-22 03:24 AM
  16. cyrex's Avatar
    Im trying to know what i can do i have the same thing 3.0 ecid on file.

    And i want to know if i can upgrade to 3.1 or not ? tbh im confused .
    2009-09-22 03:30 AM
  17. tindauic's Avatar

    1. press windows + R on your keyboard or go to run

    2. Type in the following : CWindows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.

    3. click ok. You should now get an Open with window. Click on notepad and then click ok

    4 Hosts file will now open in Notepad. Make a new line below local host with

    5. click file save in noted pad.Where it says "Save as type" make sure you select All Files and then click save
    thank you so much
    2009-09-22 04:14 AM
  18. Cockpuccino's Avatar
    i also pressed the button "i hate jailbreaking" too, how to solve this problem? can anyone help?
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    2009-09-22 07:00 PM
  19. exNavy's Avatar
    Finally I have been given the option to make my life easier today. I was jailbroken on 3.0.1, never get my ECID SHSH on file before, today I just got my 3.1 on file and didn't need to edit hosts to do this. Yay!
    2009-09-22 09:03 PM
  20. DrMod's Avatar
    Ive read all this post, and several refer to currently being on v3.0 or 3.0,1 and having '3.1 ECID SHSH on file', like myself (im on v3.0), but I cant find any explanation to what this actually means..

    Due to apples recent changes, am I unable to restore bact to 3.0? and what does 3.1 on file actually mean...????
    2009-09-22 09:58 PM
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