1. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
    Hey, I am among the many with a un-downgradeable 3GS and was wondering if anyone knows what firmwares Apple's refurbs were. I am going to switch my 3GS for a diff color on friday and am hoping it comes with anything pre-3.1 Cuz in the past i have gotten refurbs with firmwares not up-to-date. Do you think I have a shot to get a iPhone pre-3.1 or no?
    iLive an iLife
    2009-09-23 08:46 AM
  2. lillstar12's Avatar
    They seem to be up to date although out of 3 i have had in the past they all had older software .
    2009-09-23 09:28 AM
  3. TopKat's Avatar
    my friend got a refurb yesterday and it was 3.0.1

    note that was from apple store regent street london
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    2009-09-23 11:00 AM