1. baileya1c's Avatar
    I need some of you wicked smart guys help. I can downgrade fine, even get through the entire jailbreak with redsnow. However when it goes to reboot it just sit's there at the apple logo and reboots every few minutes....forever. Anyone have any clue? I am at a loss, i have tried every damn method available, i did the host file thing, the tinytss or whatever thing but nothing will let it boot after the jailbreak. I hate that I updgraded to 3.1
    2009-10-03 11:43 AM
  2. L00i3's Avatar
    Since you say you can go to 3.0 no problem, just run the restore again.
    2009-10-03 12:37 PM
  3. BlakGzus's Avatar
    google ireb 3.1.3
    you can use this tool to change the boot chain on your stuck
    iphone (theoretically) didnt work for me.
    2009-10-03 12:56 PM