1. Prox's Avatar
    Well when i first got my 3gs it was 3.1.2 and i jail broke it and add some repo and downloaded winterboard and some themes and apps and i dont remember if i hit make your life easy button but is it possible by downloading all that and adding a repo a SHSH was saved by any chance

    I know the new jb might be coming soon but instead of time speeding up and feels like its slowing down :P my itouch i had before i got my 3gs was jb and i enjoyed it greatly now on my 3gs without it jb it feels different and empty :P
    2010-03-29 06:25 PM
  2. mj0528's Avatar
    Is that new or old bootrom? If it is old, find a custom firmware by googling and restore to that to start fresh. That's exactly what I did and my phone runs great but if it's new, you'll have to find the issue or upgrade without the ability to jb
    2010-03-29 07:52 PM
  3. Prox's Avatar
    Sorry let me put in those extra details it's on 3.1.3 right now cause I had to restore and it's the new bootrom sorry for not clarifying it
    2010-03-29 08:29 PM
  4. mj0528's Avatar
    sorry bud, but you have to wait the wait
    2010-03-29 09:35 PM