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    EDIT:I removed ptpd from the MemTool blacklist and terminated it. Now my iPod works like a charm! But i have to terminate the process every time my iPod starts up. Any ideas how to get a permanent fix? If you ever get this problem, AS SOON AS YOUR IPOD STARTS UP DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL MemTool FROM CYDIA. The iPod will probably crash again after the installation. Boot it up again and this time go to iFile(Download it if you haven't got it in the same way as you downloaded MemTool). In iFile, go to root/applications/ and edit the ProcList.XML. COMPLETELY REMOVE THE ROW WITH THE WORD "ptpd". You can now terminate this process in MemTool! And voila, you can now use your iPod again!

    Hi guys!
    Yesterday I was in my bed playing with my iPod Touch 3rd Generation 32GB Jailbroken(With Blackra1n)because i had a terrible headache. I was browsing Failblog. I didn't really notice that the battery level was critically low, so my iPod Touch shut down; automatically.
    3 hours later I tried to start my iPod Touch again using Blackra1n. I did notice that it took a quite long time to boot it up, normally blackra1n would make my iPod Touch boot in 1 minute, but this time it took 5 minutes or so.
    Well, my iPod Touch booted. As soon as my iPod Touch booted i saw that the RAM was decreasing rapidly, from 120 MB to 10 MB. When it reached 10 MB my iPod Touch just freeze and rebooted ending up in the "connect to iTunes screen". So i opened Blackra1n again and the same thing happened. I have no idea why this is happening; according to SBSettings no apps were working in the background, but the RAM was still @ 10 mb. What is happening??
    So now i need to restore my iPod I don't even have the 3.1.2 shsh files! But i do have the 3.1.3 ones.
    I have both Cydia and Icy installed, but i haven't used Icy a single time. Cydia says that it has SHSH's for 3.1.3 backed up.
    Please help me guys! Im quite desperate because im going on a loooong road trip this saturday!

    EDIT: I found out that the ptpd process is draining ALL the RAM memory. But i can't terminate it using MemTool. What should i do????

    A picture on the process (2 seconds after i took this picture my iPod crashed again!)
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    2010-04-01 08:55 AM