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  1. j2kiss's Avatar
    Hi, I have a 3g iphone running on 3.13. It was jailbroken via snowbreeze. Now to unlock it.
    I need to go in to Cydia and use the fuzzyband and then ultrasn0w to unlock.
    The problem is I can't get cydia to load for anything.
    It always comes up timed out or unable to load.
    I need help figuring this out.
    I have wifi and seems to be strong, but still no cydia.
    Is there another application to download that would help me load the fuzzyband and ultrasn0w on my iphone??
    I am trying to unlock this phone for tmobile.

    I would really appreciate any help. I have spent way to many hours trying to fix this and reset it.

    2010-04-06 08:53 PM
  2. z3r01's Avatar
    well, try re-jailbreaking, if that doesnt work, u can get cyder (i think thats what its called) it lets u download packeges using your computer and loading them up on the iphone
    2010-04-06 09:00 PM