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    So my old iphone was stolen and I purchased a new 16GB 3GS. The version is 3.1.3 (7E18), Model MC135LL, FW 05.12.01. I have been browsing through all these posts trying to see if it's possible to go back to 3.1.2 FW so I can jailbreak my phone. On other threads it seem like I have to have SSSH(?) files back up assuming that's from previously jailbreaking a phone and having it accidently upgraded. I have been researching this for 2 hrs and haven't gotten anywhere on a solid answer on this is how to do it or if it can even be done.
    Sorry if this has been repeated from other posts that I missed!! Just don't want to waste any more time searching and I sure that someone more Iphone savy than myself can answer.
    Thank You very much!!
    2010-04-10 05:26 AM
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    I've looked everywhere and it's just not possible without the shsh. Your gonna have to wait for the new jailbreak/unlock, sorry man. On the bright side with all the people finding exploits it shouldn't be too long at all.
    2010-04-10 05:31 AM
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    Yea, that's what I was afraid to hear. I really want to get this jailbrake and see if all the hype is accurate. I'm sure it is or else I would be doing this research for almost three hours and just start working on getting everthing back on it the I had before. DAMN!!! Thanks for the prompt response!
    2010-04-10 05:37 AM
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    Yea me too. I got a locked up 3gs waiting in the closet. I heard they're releasing a jailbreak at the end of the month along with the ipad 3g. But that's just one jailbreak team who knows who will release one first. Just keep checking back. Modmyi will def post about it when it's out. Don't fall for websites that offer you money either, they're all scams. Good luck!

    I mean websites that want you pay for a jailbreak. My bad. Lol
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    2010-04-10 05:50 AM
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    Thanks bro. I have seen all these videos on youtube and metcafe on how to do it but when I check on the Dev site it didn't mention anything about it. I decided to research more and that led me here and figured people here are the experts and would have the answer. Guess I should wait til later on in the month. Hopefully that's when it will happen and we'll be able to see what's up with this jailbreaking. Til then.......
    2010-04-10 06:00 AM