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    hey guys just got a quick question

    reading around the net got me abit confused because some people are saying that you cant unlock an iphone on the new baseband. but can i jailbreak it without needing to unlock it? because i bought my phone outright so i dont need to unlock it.

    my story is, my jailbroken iphone screwed up (hardware issue) and so the apple store restored it and then put me onto the new 3.1.13 (bastards)

    now im on 3.1.13 and i never got around to saving my SSH on cydia (stupid i know)

    either way, i bought my iphone outright, so i dont need to unlock it. i just want to jailbreak it to get all my apps,skins etc. back onto my iphone

    is it possible to do that?

    thanks in advance!!
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    2010-04-10 08:55 AM
  2. CONVBMW's Avatar
    If your SHSH's were saved on Cydia, you can JB. No UL at this time for your BB as it has been upgraded.
    2010-04-10 10:08 AM