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    Well about a week ago i dropped my old iphone 3g, smashing the screen I when't to the apple store and found that i was due for an upgrade so I got a 3gs Later I found after searching for hours on the net that i cant jailbreak it, hoping i would get lucky i tried using pawnage tool but to no anvil (1600 error). i would love a way to downgrade if anyone knows one or even just having internet tethering at the very least would be nice if anyone knows how to get that working thanks in advance
    2010-05-01 03:17 PM
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    You already know your answer at this moment. So why ask?????
    Just wait for SPIRIT JB should be on front page when released.
    2010-05-01 03:23 PM
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    ill be quiet now i'm making myself look stupid lol
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    2010-05-01 03:26 PM