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    iPhone 3GS 32GB

    iPhone recently purhcased on eBay that was supposed to be jailbroken and unlocked, but was only jailbroken. The seller was confused on what jailbroken and unlocked meant.

    The iPhone had 3.1.3 firmware when received. Unfortunately, I don't remember the baseband. I believe it was 05.12.01, but I don't remember for sure.

    This is my sister's phone and she was the one that tried to get it unlocked and never could get it to work right and is now, apparrently, not jailbroken anymore. It doesn't do anything other than the iTunes + USB screen. Using blackra1n gets it "activated" and says that it successfully jailbreaks the phone (after about ten - fifteen minutes), and removes the SIM not activated message, but doesn't do anything else.

    I've tried blackra1n, Spirit, and sn0wbreeze each mulitple times, but nothing seems to work.

    Also tried putting in my T-Mobile SIM, have tried several restarts, Recovery mode, etc. It's either at iTunes + USB screen with unactivated message, or iTunes + USB without unactivated message.

    I searched for some sort of master control to wipe the phone completely, but there doesn't appear to be such a thing. It's to the point where I have no idea what's on it and what's not (firmware, baseband).

    Anyone experience this or know what to do?


    P.S. The seller realizes now that the phone was not unlocked and is offering money back, but I really thought my sister and/or I could get it working. So, if it's toast, not out any money.
    2010-06-24 04:41 AM
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    does it have 3.1.3 \ 3.1.2 hashed? point your host file to saurkis server and restore to 3.1.2 and 3.1.3. if you get an error saying this device doesn't qualify, then you know that firmware wont ever work again (so get rid of it) and try the next.

    if it works with any oft hose 2 firmwares you should get error 1015, which can be solved easily using my guide here:


    that will get you at least to the sim unlock screen. If you end up on 3.1.2 you can use redsn0w (found in my guide) to hacktivate 3.1.2 (i think). if you end up on 3.1.3, pay someone 10 bucks, barrow there sim card, plug it into a pc, activate it and unlock.

    if you need further help see the bottom of the guide for how you can get more help using teamveiw.
    2010-06-24 10:04 AM