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  1. way0utwest's Avatar
    I have a 3GS, accidentally upgraded to 4.0, and it went into activation mode. I believe that my shsh is on Cydia, but when I connect to iTunes 9.2, it says it cannot connect to iTunes.

    I have my hosts file ( pointed to Cydia. Earlier I got an "unable to connect to license server, but I assumed the Cydia file wasn't working for some reason.

    Right now iTunes shows the iPhone connected, but no right hand panel.

    I have another machine with iTunes 9.1x, but it says that it cannot restore this phone until I upgrade iTunes.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.
    2010-06-25 01:47 AM
  2. Hoshigolean's Avatar
    You need to downgrade your iTunes down to a lower version the 9.x versions. Try Your right though you can't update to 4.0 without 9.X, so you need to restore through a custom FW in a older version of iTunes.
    2010-06-25 05:05 PM