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    I'm so fed up with Apple.

    I was so happy with my non-jailbroken 3GS until Apple in their wisdom decided to ask me to upgrade to 4.0.

    I use the Cisco VPN client on my phone to connect to several customers networks to collect email / RDP remote support etc. That was until OS 4.0 stopped it from working. Apparently OS 4.0 cannot resolve dns names with .local (which is odd because that is the Microsoft best practice). Oh, and Apple offered to look into this for me if I pay a one off support fee of 140.

    So, in short, my 3GS has never been Jailbroken, adn I need to revert to 3.1.3. I am having no luck with any of the methods I've seen so far as I assume this is for Jailbroken phones???

    Just keep getting the error 3194. Tried pointing at the alternate signature servers, but I guess that is no good to me as I'm not jailbroken?

    Would be happy to jailbrak if it gets me back to 3.1.3?

    Anyone help me please?
    2010-06-25 12:57 PM