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    I was a muppet and installed 3.1.3 when I had a fully working Jailbroken 3.1.2 install and didn't do anything about it till downloading and upgrading to 4.0 last week.

    I folowed a number of tutorials and seem to be lucky enough to have a 3gs that can be untethered jailbroken.

    So I have edited my hosts file on windows to look at cydias servers, I have done a DFU downgrade to 3.1.2 getting the 2 1015 errors and have managed to do the jailbreak using both Blackra1n and redsn0w 0.94 (on seperate attempts may I add)

    however my problem comes when after doing the jailbreak I lose my carrier and the phone will no longer connect to 02 in the UK

    Is there any way I can get round this and get my phone working? I seem to be so close to getting my jailbreak back

    Oh and if it makes any difference now I am back running 4.0 (so I have my carrier) my forecast readings are:

    Serial # 88928 etc.
    Baseband 05.13.04
    Bootloader 6.4
    Model MC131
    Unlockable NO?

    Just checked and I have the Old Bootrom as well
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    You said your iPhone was jailbroken before, so if you saved your cydia blobs (SHSH) then downgrade and jailbreak again.
    2010-06-26 08:42 PM
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    I have done a downgrade and jailbreak, but when I do that I lose my carrier settings, that's what I need help to solve.

    And I wasn't aware of saving shsh before i did my original restore (losing my jailbreak) so never intentionally saved them, but from the looks of it I appear to be lucky and they were saved automatically (any way of knowing if this has happened would be appreciated)

    I solved the problem:

    By doing the IOS4 upgrade first I upgraded my baseband, that meant it wouldn't connect to the O2 network using the older IPhone firmware.

    But once Jailbreaking 3.1.2 (and having no carrier) then restoring to a cooked IOS4.0 the carrier returns
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