1. sethros's Avatar
    how do i paste this in hosts and save the file. it says i cant save it? or do u just past and leave the file open?
    2010-06-30 09:23 PM
  2. yastrebbb's Avatar
    you have to open file as admin then you can save it if you'r in osx so you have saveas in disktop and replace it with the old one bad english but hopp it helpfull
    2010-06-30 09:52 PM
  3. zeromx69's Avatar
    If your in windows, navigate to hosts file and notepad, click hosts and drag into notepad and the last line, press return to goto new line and paste that and save.
    2010-06-30 10:04 PM
  4. richhee's Avatar
    use this it does it for you
    Attached Files
    2010-07-01 02:50 AM
  5. Cer0's Avatar
    I guess it would be easier to ask: Are you on Windows or OSX?

    If Windows: What version?
    2010-07-01 02:58 AM
  6. sethros's Avatar
    i have windsows vista. how do i make myself admin to save file. gonna try that program tomorrow let u no how it goes
    2010-07-01 04:53 AM
  7. Cer0's Avatar
    Copy the host file you your desktop to change it then copy it back to the original folder.

    Right click on the file and should be a security or something tab. Never used Vista so unsure of the lingo in the tabs. I went from XP to 7 last I used it.
    2010-07-01 05:15 AM
  8. kmmxracer's Avatar
    I'm coming from a iPhone 3G to iPhone 4, so should I start reading up on this stuff. Is it gonna be a similar situation as with the 3GS with having to add this host??
    2010-07-01 05:20 AM
  9. yastrebbb's Avatar
    In windows go to Start and right click on nodpad and run as admin and navigate to mycomputer and open C: / windows/system32/driver/etc/host, and write this below gs.apple.com and save. and you're done
    2010-07-01 01:13 PM
  10. jaylemi's Avatar
    Here's the info that everyone posted, but with a nice tutorial (makes things easier when you can see it)...

    Saurik New duplicate server bluffs iTunes: You can downgrade to lower firmware version | All on the iPhone, iPod touch & iPad
    2010-07-01 03:34 PM
  11. thewretched's Avatar
    Tried using both Ip's and still not connecting to update server.. gs.apple.com
    & gs.apple.com
    FRustrating as hell
    2010-12-19 09:00 PM
  12. st35on3's Avatar
    did you ever find a fix...mine is doing the same thing
    2011-01-10 06:43 PM
  13. matiasv's Avatar
    what is the latest gs.apple.com number to downgrade an 3gs? thanks
    2011-01-25 06:44 PM