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    Trying to follow the instructions but when I use tinyumbrella to go to Cydia and get the SHSH file I need to restore, it says I am "too late"

    What the????

    Any way to get my 3gs back off 4.0?
    2010-07-15 08:23 PM
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    Did you back up your .shsh blob from way back when you were on the firmware version that you're trying to restore to? It sounds to me like you're either trying to save an old firmware version (you can only save ios4 shsh blobs now) or you're trying to retrieve something you didn't save and getting it wrong.

    You can't just request an shsh blob, you have to have saved it when it was the active firmware version. You can only get shsh blobs that YOU MANUALLY SAVED for the phone that you're trying to restore on.

    To conclude, the way you restore is this:
    1. Use tinyumbrella to save your .shsh blob
    2. A new firmware version comes out
    3. You upgrade but don't like it
    4. You open tinyumbrella, click start tss server, and use itunes to shift+restore back to the firmware version that you saved in point 1. Tiny umbrella allows this restore because you saved your shsh blob.
    5. <at point 4, follow your favourite jailbreak tutorial>

    If you didn't save your shsh blob, you can't restore. You can only restore to firmware versions for which you saved your shsh blob.
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    2010-07-15 09:07 PM