1. star201z's Avatar
    Hi All,
    Is apple still signing ios 4.0.1? I want to buy iphone 4 today but I am afraid I could not jailbreak.

    2010-08-17 01:00 AM
  2. artbatista's Avatar
    I bought an iPhone 4 over the weekend and there is a 7-10 days wait time.

    I tried every AT&T and Apple store in reach, as well as the online Apple Store, all have 7 to 14 days wait for an iphone 4....

    I think it is safe to say that by the time a phone ships to you, it will have 4.0.2 on it and will be un-jailbreakable if Apple stops signing 4.0.1 (which seems likely), at least until 4.2 comes out, as the dev team have already stated that the next JB will be for 4.2

    I really don't care, I mean, I like to jb and have all my nifty apps I bought thru Cydia, but I can live with a non-JB phone for several weeks.

    Personally, I think the chances that Apple will keep signing 4.0.1 until you receive your phone are slim, but stranger things have happened.


    2010-08-17 01:08 AM
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