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    Hello everyone,

    I have an iphone 3gs that has been jailbroken before on os 3.1.2, and i recently upgraded to iOS 4.0.2. I now want to jailbreak my iphone, and i have quickly learned after some research that its almost impossible to do without downgrading. Well now i'm having trouble downgrading. I get error 3194(i believe thats what it is, its not in front of me sorry). Which is preventing me from jailbreaking it. I'm relatively new to jailbreaking/etc but i am somewhat of a techie, so if you guys could help me out i would appreciate it!

    2010-08-24 08:51 AM
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    A retard friend of mine did this to his phone too. so of course its up to me to try to fix it. So i found this guide online.

    this may or may not work as it was meant for 4.0

    i am assuming you have you SHSH stored with Cydia.

    -enter DFU mode.
    -run itunes and Shift+restore to 3.1.2
    -it WILL fail.
    -Shift+restore agian. it will fail once more. turn off itunes.
    -Run redsnow 9.4 and UNCHECK all the boxes.
    -jailbreak as usual. the phone should boot into 3.1.2.

    it worked for me however, the phone couldn't make any calls.

    try at your own risk

    EDIT: ultrasn0w fixed the no signal issue, despite the Sim card matching the previously LOCKED phone.
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    2010-08-24 07:42 PM
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    but here is the problem, i do NOT have shsh files saved, i thought i mentioned that in the above post but if i didnt then im sorry i forgot to. And i'm only trying to downgrade to 4.0.1 or 4.0
    2010-08-24 08:12 PM
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    you mentioned that the phone was JB'ed before, it stands to reason that the shsh's are stored in Cydia

    no shsh = no downgrade, period.

    sorry. wait for a new JB.
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    2010-08-24 08:13 PM
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    ahh thank you madman. I am the only owner of this phone, and at the time i had no clue what shsh files had to do with anything, so im 90% sure i didnt save them to cydia( yeah i would be that stupid guy...).

    But if i did, would there be a way to downgrade to 3.1.2 and then upgrade back up to 4.0? or would it just up me to 4.0.2?
    2010-08-24 08:54 PM
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    when i say save your shsh files, i mean did you hit the "make my life easier" button in Cydia?

    IF you did, you can go to ANY firmware you want from the point you "made your life easier"

    that's a big IF.
    2010-08-24 09:36 PM