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    Alright folks, here's the dish.

    As soon as tomorrow, Apple will stop signing SHSH requests for iOS 4.0.2. The devices primarily affected by this are the ones that cannot downgrade without SHSH blobs backed up--namely, the iPod touch 3rd generation, the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 4.

    Everybody: SAVE YOUR BLOBS WITH UMBRELLA (The Firmware Umbrella) NOW! Though I believe you won't be locked out jailbreak-wise on 4.1 for too long, there is a baseband update in that OS that will kill any non-official (read: ultrasn0w) SIM unlock, and getting a new unlock may take years, if we ever get one again.

    iPT3G/3GS: Save not only your 4.0.2 blobs NOW but also try and get your 4.0.1/4.0 blobs through advanced options in Umbrella. Lots of (and I mean LOTS) people have been getting lucky and Cydia has returned valid blobs for their devices for those past 4.0 firmwares when they didn't think they had any. Those magic blobs may disappear when the 4.0.2 signing window closes, so to be safe, back them up NOW. Once you've requested your 4.0/4.0.1 blobs through Cydia, if they're returned to you and you didn't think you had them on file, they'll be there after the 4.0.2 signing window closes. I CANNOT GUARANTEE YOU'LL BE LUCKY GETTING OLD BLOBS AFTER 4.0.2 BLOBS ARE HALTED BY APPLE.

    iPhone 4: If you ever upgrade or restore to 4.1 (or any other firmware), USE UMBRELLA VERSION 04.02.09 OR LATER TO DO IT! Even if you're not a jailbreaker, using Umbrella to do a stock restore or upgrade to 4.1 will both save your blobs locally and on Cydia and WILL PRESERVE YOUR 01.59.00 BASEBAND FOR FUTURE UNLOCKING AT WILL. (This only applies to iPhone 4: 3GS/3G users cannot preserve their basebands via Umbrella, instead look at PwnageTool or sn0wbreeze custom firmware (for old bootrom 3GS/all 3G) to preserve that baseband and unlock).

    I know the story hasn't changed, but the stakes are notably higher on this set of blobs and circumstances, folks. Be smart.
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