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    iTunes restored my 3GS to 4.02, but I have my old 4.0 SSH on Cydia (no other SSH's stored). I lost my Jailbreak on 4.02 and want to revert to a ios that will allow a Jailbreak.

    Can this be done?

    If so how?


    2010-09-15 03:09 AM
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    Download TinyUmbrella. It will grape your cydia shsh file and screw with iTunes so that you can restore back to 4.0 again. However it will not unlock it again because 4.0.2 has a different baseband and you can't really take that back
    2010-09-15 05:08 AM
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    I mean grab
    2010-09-15 05:09 AM
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    If you have 4.0, then you should also have 4.0.1 with Cydia. Either 4.0 or 4.0.1 is fine.
    4.0.2 has the same baseband as 4.0, you are still safe to unlock if you can get it downgraded to apply the jailbreak.
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    2010-09-15 05:41 AM
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    Steps to Restore 3GS ios version 4.0.2 to 4.0.1
    1. Download TinyUmbrella
    2. Run TinyUmbrella to save SSH blob that matches the desired ios firmware
    3. Download ios 4.0.1 SHH’s blobs for my iPhone from Cydia
    4. Download ios 4.0.1 firmware from modmyi.com/forums/downloads/firmware/6/iphone-3gs-4-0-1-32972
    5. Using Windows XP, TinyUmbreal v 4.1.4, and iTunes 10.0
    6. Follow http://www.blogsdna.com/12218/how-to...-iphone-3g.htm detailed instructions
    7. Worked without any errors
    8. Used JailBreakMe.com to jailbreak
    9. Watching TinyUmbrella restore YouTube Video’s helped
    10. Only issue is that MobileTerminal loads and then exits – root and SH password changes?
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    2010-09-15 01:22 PM
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    You have to install MobileTerminal for iOS 4.0 to work
    2010-09-16 06:22 AM