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    Hello what if it has never been jailbroken? But it's running on 4.1 how can I downgrade please help

    Also it's a 3G
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    2010-10-06 11:43 PM
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    Hello what if it has never been jailbroken? But it's running on 4.1 how can I downgrade please help

    Also it's a 3G
    You can just Shift + Restore to 3.xx to downgrade on a 3G.
    You will need shsh blogs to downgrade/restore to 4.xx on a 3G.
    However, downgrading will not just run smoothly without an error 1015, in that case, you will need kick out of recovery from the feature of tiny umbrella.
    2010-10-07 02:59 AM
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    Ok thanks i saved my Shsh blobs and everything in Tiny Umbrella now the next step is ? Like were do i go to for the shift and restore
    2010-10-07 06:27 AM
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    If you are at Emergency Screen, turn it off and while holding the Home Button, plug your cable in until itunes Cable logo appears. Now you can restore to 3.1.2 or 3.1.3, use TU to kick out of error 1015.
    2010-10-07 06:31 AM
  5. Undefeateddre's Avatar
    Okay Thanks do i need to download a software or anything to downgrade
    2010-10-07 06:36 AM
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    To downgrade, all you need is 3.1.2 ipsw if you are downgrading to 3.1.2, tiny umbrella and itunes.
    To jailbreak, you will need Redsn0w 0.9.4 and point to 3.1.2
    To upgrade back to jailbroken 4.1 , you will need iReb 4.1 and Snowbreeze 2.0.2 and 3g 4.1 ipsw.
    Only jailbreak, no unlock.
    2010-10-07 06:41 AM
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    I got it to work. I did some research on it and figured it out. I used JailBreakMe.com to jailbreak it and was successful. I tried to downgrade my sisters, which is exactly like mine, iPhone 3G running 4.1 firmware, and i got an error message 3014. Can anyone help me fix the error message when trying to downgrade, error code (3014)

    Thanks, WeBeJTaggin
    2010-10-08 07:48 AM
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    You need shsh blogs to restore to 4.xx. You can shift + restore to 3.xx without shsh blogs , use tiny umbrella to kick it out of recovery, jailbreak with Redsn0w and then restore to custom firmware created by Snowbreeze or Pwnage tools. This is the path to go.
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    2010-10-08 10:39 AM
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    WOW AZRAEIL !! That Is one of the best step by step I have ever read. I just like to read usually but, that was pretty cool!!!
    " The force is strong with you!!
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