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    should i refuse all itunes updates in order to maintain my ultrasn0w unlock?

    below are screenshots of popups received when plugging in my iphone 3g ultimately trying to get DFU mode (which doesn't work). i think i refused even a third request but missed the screen capture, in addition to the 4.1 update notification. is refusing all updates related to DFU not working maybe? this is an otherwise fully working 3g on jailbroken 4.0 unlocked with ultrasn0w with FW 5.13.04 that i want to downgrade for better battery life. I want to wait a bit after release of the next sn0wbreeze to upgrade.

    this thread has some DFU methods I tried. Mostly I get either the connect to itunes screen or it doesn't even power up and nothing happens.
    Attached Thumbnails itunes update requests and DFU mode-screen555555.png   itunes update requests and DFU mode-screen.png  
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    2010-10-17 09:03 AM
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    I see no problem for iTunes connecting to the server to check for updates. Make sure you just do not update when it asks you "There is a new firmware 4.1 for you iPhone, do you want to update". Just press cancel.

    I think the second screencaps explains your problem. It needs to connect to the server to identify the device, so just connect to the server.
    2010-10-18 08:43 AM
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    yeah you're right. it just had to identify the device. all's working well on unlocked 3.1.3, just messing with ssh and cyder. not sure about the performance and battery yet. i used lifehacker's downgrading guide then without a backup ipsw got stuck at the emergency call screen. modmyi's redsn0w instructions. then ultrasn0w from cydia.
    2010-10-19 10:43 AM
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    Good to hear that!
    2010-10-19 01:11 PM