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    First off, I've JB since 3.1.3 or something and have the blobs in Cydia, but a few jailbreaks ago I lost 3G data internet, but havent needed to find out how to fix it - because when I would restore and jailbreak it 3G would work again.

    In other words, I could upgrade and restore a backup fine, but 3G didnt work in unjailbroken state, but purplerain/spirit/jailbreakme fixed problem. Now I have upgraded to 4.1 but the limerain JB didnt fix the no-internet problem - so i must address the problem, seemingly by the SHSH business i dont quite understand. I have seen Sauriks page on how to downgrade but very outdated and I'm confused.

    Is there a simple way to get 3G back? My problem with downgrading is I don't want to lose all my apps from the last several months.

    I cant explain it so well with my English but hoping for some info.

    Thanks very much.
    2010-11-16 06:17 AM
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    If you have restored to stock 4.1, you can jailbreak with Redsn0w 0.9.6b2 but you cannot unlock.
    All restore or update will erase all jailbroken stuffs, this is imminent and you will have to install everything back.
    You can use Pkgbackup or aptbackup to backup and sync with your itunes first , only then you do the restore.
    Once you have jailbroken your device, you can install Pkgbackup or aptbackup whichever you have chosen, and then restore from backup from the app.
    2010-11-16 07:43 AM
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    Thanks fella. For the moment, I'm wonder about apps. By the apps, I mean, all the legit apple app store stuff, ie recent apps i have got and progressed with - do I lose all this? Upon restores etc can i restore from backup retaining ie my most recent grand theft auto game save game?

    EDIT: My main thing is obtaining ability to get 3G data working again, with the least trouble.
    2010-11-16 09:06 AM
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    In order for you to be able to use your 3g data plan, if you are restoring to Snowbreeze 2.1, make sure you don't let activate it, you will need the official sim to trigger it into Home Screen and when you have installed Ultrasn0w, it will activate accordingly to your unofficial carrier.

    I believe Pkgbackup or Aptbackup will back up the info for you.
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    2010-11-16 09:18 PM
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    Two questions before you restore your iPhone.

    1) Are you on an official Apple-supported carrier, or are you using an unlocked (factory or ultransn0w) phone on a non-supported one?

    2) Have you reset network settings since you lost 3G (and I'm assuming it's 3G only, your Wi-Fi and EDGE/GPRS is working correctly? If that's not the case, let me know)? You can reset network settings in Settings -> General -> Reset. This will not cause any applications or Cydia software to be deleted or (hopefully) otherwise affected.
    2010-11-17 07:51 AM
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    Thanks fella. For the moment, I'm wonder about apps. By the apps, I mean, all the legit apple app store stuff, ie recent apps i have got and progressed with - do I lose all this...
    No problem w/Apple apps. They are linked to your iTunes account and can be deleted, moved between phone, reloaded from scratch, etc with the same iTunes account. Apple apps are the least of your issues

    However, the data portion of the app is usually restored/recovered from a backup. There is a Cydia alternative, but I can't remember it off hand. AptBackup/pkgbackup are for Cydia apps.

    Got it: AptBackup/PkgBackup for Cydia
    AppBackup for Apple app data
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    2010-11-17 08:03 AM