1. Checksum47's Avatar
    I have a 3GS that I had on 4.0.1 (?) that was jailbroken with jailbreakme.com a long time ago.
    I wanted to update it to the latest jailbroken firmware. Im seeing that its 4.3.3. So I started by updating to 4.1 ofw. But now I tried upgrading to both 4.2 and 4.3.3 with itunes but neither way will work. It will get to what looks like the end and then say something like Im not eligible for the update or something.
    Do I need to upgrade to 4.3.3 OFW and THEN create a custom 4.3.3? ANd do I need to go one update at a time? The lady at AT&T said I would have to do one update at a time. Or can I just update to 4.3.3?
    2011-07-19 11:50 PM
  2. ihappy's Avatar
    If you have the 4.3.3 shsh blobs saved then you can restore to 4.3.3. Updating through itunes will just put you at 4.3.4 which is currently unjailbreakable at this moment.
    2011-07-20 12:22 AM
  3. Mes's Avatar
    Sorry, but the lady who said 'one at a time' is totally wrong. True-blue authorized Apple allows only 1 version to be loaded ... the current one
    2011-07-20 12:34 AM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    Like iHappy said, you definitely need SHSHs to get to 4.3.3 now. 4.3.4 is currently the most recent fw that is being signed.
    2011-07-20 12:44 AM
  5. Checksum47's Avatar
    So if I use TinyUmbrella and hit "Save SHSH" and it lists off all the blobs it says it saved, Im good for the SHSH blobs? Now I gotta figure out how to use them to update to 4.3.3?
    2011-07-20 03:00 AM
  6. i.Annie's Avatar
    Yes when you click save SHSHs it will pull into TU what SHSHs you have saved, if any, and all you would do is start the TSS server in TU before opening iTunes to do a shift+restore to 4.3.3.
    2011-07-20 04:54 AM
  7. Checksum47's Avatar
    Well, I ended up using TinyUmbrella to save my blobs. I left TU running and hit start server.
    Then I went over to pwnagetool to make a custom 4.3.3 firmware and used itunes to update it with a option click.
    Everything appeared to work. But when I ended up rebooting afterward I had NO network and could not make or recieve calls.
    I ened up going back to ofw 4.3.3. And my newtwork is back.
    So what did I do wrong?
    2011-07-21 02:34 AM
  8. i.Annie's Avatar
    Could be different factors. try the restore to cfw again, if it still doesn't work the problem is within the cfw. So make a new one to restore to. Sometimes these things just happen for no reason.
    2011-07-21 03:49 AM
  9. Checksum47's Avatar
    I did deselect one or two options when making the firmware I think. Like dont boot into Cydia and maybe one other thing. I called into Apple and they asked me several times if I had a jailbroke phone. I didnt know what to say so I said no. But then I thought, hey man. It IS legal. They really cant do anything. Well except say they cant help me unless I upgrade to the latest OFW.
    2011-07-21 06:57 AM
  10. Checksum47's Avatar
    Well. No matter what I do Once I jailbreak the phone with a 4.3.3 cfw made with Pwngtool using itunes I get NO network. Am I not selecting something right in the settings as I make my cfw?
    2011-07-24 11:34 PM
  11. iYeow's Avatar
    Yes, you can get signal by not hactivating your custom firmware , use Expert mode in PT and uncheck : activate my iphone.

    You need 4.3.3 shsh blob and also start tss server in tiny umbrella with 4.3.3 blob saved into TU, only then you can avoid message not eligible for the required built.
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    2011-07-25 02:31 AM
  12. Checksum47's Avatar
    And here I thought I needed to have "activate my phone" checked...
    2011-07-25 03:41 AM
  13. iYeow's Avatar
    A hactivated firmware must have an unlockable bb and ultrasnow installed to get Signal for official carrier. In your case , you don't have an unlockable bb.
    2011-07-25 06:36 AM
  14. Checksum47's Avatar
    Well, I just went thru the procedure again but this time I unchecked "Activate Phone" and now everything is working and Im jailbroken again.
    Thanks guys...
    2011-07-25 02:40 PM
  15. iYeow's Avatar
    Great, you got it working.
    2011-07-26 04:53 AM
  16. Mes's Avatar
    No cracked app / warez discussions allowed on MMi.

    Please stop. You have been warned
    2011-07-26 08:46 PM
  17. Checksum47's Avatar
    I dont understand. If I cant use the other thing I was talking about then what is a ninja to use? I certainly didnt Jailbreak my phone so I could DL apps from Apples App store...
    2011-07-26 09:25 PM
  18. i.Annie's Avatar
    We don't condone piracy on MMi, please refrain from requesting help on the subject. Many people do not jailbreak for the purpose of stealing apps. Please read the forum rules before posting and follow them. Buy the apps and support the devs, if you cannot respect the hard work of others, this is not the place for you to ask for help.
    2011-07-26 10:16 PM
  19. xtacy's Avatar
    Jailbreaking is not piracy. I don't help thieves.
    2011-07-27 01:28 PM