1. i.Annie's Avatar
    Restore from backup?
    2011-08-01 02:17 AM
  2. 3GSUser2011's Avatar
    Ah ok. I wasnt sure how a back up worked with an iphone .. ie. will it also back up the firmware that was existing when i did the backup. Evidently not

    EDIT: Did a back up. All my info is there. Cydia is still there. Im such a happy camper.

    I.Annie? I. Awesome. thank you so much
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    2011-08-01 02:22 AM
  3. i.Annie's Avatar
    I'm glad it all worked out for you! I was really disappointed too when it wasn't going the way I wanted lol but I'm excited for you now!
    2011-08-01 03:54 AM
  4. fionahuang's Avatar
    wow took me a little while to finish reading the whole thread...

    so yeh i had the same thing where i didn't save SHSH files with my iPod Touch 3G...and silly me updated 4.3.4....
    and so after i read the whole thread i followed all the steps and managed to downgrade to 4.1...and now my itouch IS on iOS 4.1.
    but just a few things while i was doing this, i did this twice cuz the first time i forgot to turn off my auto shutdown and so it was interrupted. so i did it the second time and it does restore back to 4.1 all the way and i DIDN'T get the error 1015 message. when i was using TU i deselected Cydia option as previous mentioned. i put it into DFU instead of recovery..did i made any mistakes??

    although it's now on 4.1, would i still be able to upgrade to 4.3.3?
    2011-08-13 02:38 PM
  5. i.Annie's Avatar
    I don't know how you did it on an iPod touch as the downgrade to 4.1 should only work for an iPhone 3GS. You're sure you didn't have SHSHs saved for 4.1? That's odd :/

    Secondly, you'll need SHSHs for 4.3.3 so if you don't have those then you're stuck with 4.1, or of course 4.3.5
    2011-08-13 03:50 PM
  6. fionahuang's Avatar
    mmm i don't remember i saved SHSHs for 4.1 though...but then i saw it when i opened TU...which i know it's odd... :/

    hmm so i guess i will be stuck at 4.1...since i don't have SHSHs for 4.3.3.... :S
    2011-08-13 05:04 PM
  7. i.Annie's Avatar
    Yeah lol I have seen a lot of people not know they saved their SHSHs. It's ok though at least you don't have a buggy tethered jb on your iPod touch now.
    2011-08-13 05:14 PM
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