1. nooz81's Avatar
    Any ideas how this can be done? I lost this functionality after upgrading to 4.3.1 with the iPad baseband. Heading travelling in two weeks and would really love to have my GPS back! Not fussed if I have to downgrade or anythingm I have blobs saved from most iOS versions. Any help/advice appreciated.
    2011-08-16 08:34 PM
  2. Mes's Avatar
    Sorry, GPS can't be fixed. Possible and likely it will never be fixed.
    2011-08-16 08:59 PM
  3. nooz81's Avatar
    Sorry, GPS can't be fixed. Possible and likely it will never be fixed.
    damn I thought by downgrading this would have been okay :/ so, it looks like I'll have to wait until iOS 5 is unlocked, thanks anyway
    2011-08-16 09:59 PM
  4. Mes's Avatar
    Unfortunately, iOS 5 won't have any effect with fixing the GPS either. Unlocking & GPS are part of the modem firmware (aka baseband). The baseband is internal and hidden from normal view.. iOS is the firmware, Springboard, apps, etc.

    Jailbreaking open the firmware (iOS). Unlocking opens the baseband.
    2011-08-16 10:05 PM
  5. nooz81's Avatar
    I see, so what should I be looking out for then? Just a new unlock for my baseband, or whatever baseband I get when upgrading to iOS 5?
    2011-08-16 10:09 PM
  6. Mes's Avatar
    It's very very likely the 6.15.x iPad baseband will ....never... be updated by Apple or anyone else.
    If GPS is important, get another phone --- and don't install the iPad baseband.

    IF this changes ... it will be front page news
    2011-08-16 10:18 PM
  7. nooz81's Avatar
    That's a real downer, I miss my GPS badly! I've subscribed to this site's RSS though, just in case.

    Do you think there's any truth in this article that Musclenerd may release a 3GS baseband downgrade tool for users such as myself in the future?
    2011-08-16 10:31 PM
  8. Mes's Avatar
    When you figure out how to clone MuscleNerd (we need a hundred or so), then maybe ..........
    2011-08-16 10:32 PM