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    i have a week 30 year 2010 iphone 3GS ios 5.0.1 my baseband is 5.16.08. i wont to know if it will be bricked if i upgrde the baseband
    You should be just fine if you upgrade to the iPad baseband.
    2013-09-11 06:06 AM
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    Most people do not know that the iphone 3gs that they are trying to unlock using the ipad baseband is most likely factory unlocked. I didn't even know that the iphone 3gs i got as a replacement from Apple was already unlocked and it is the 2012 manufactured version. I bricked it using the ipad baseband and managed to get it out of bricked and then i just google my model number MC555LL and it showed it is indeed factory unlocked so i was wasting my time trying to unlock it with baseband modem but below is steps i followed to unbrick it.

    Unlike the redsn0w B1, The new redsn0w doesn't warn you of the brick on the iphone 3gs 2011 or newer when you flash the ipad baseband.

    it is possible to unbrick and you can unbrick any iphone 3gs that is 2011 or newer, i unbricked mine SERIAL QR2276xxxxx this is exactly what I did, i accidentally flashed the ipad baseband and no radio would work at all, no bluetooth no wifi all them were greyed out on the phone. i tried reflashing the ipad baseband a few times and nothing happened so this is exactly what I did and it got my phone back to factory condition with ios 5.1.1 and radio bluetooth etc working

    First you gotta put the phone in dfu mode and then let itunes restore as normal and when its almost finished restoring and at the stage "verifying iphone software" with the progress bar and apple logo displayed on the phone, disconnect the usb wire from your phone or your computer and itunes will give an error saying resore failed, at this point the iphone will be stuck at the apple logo.

    Now go to redsn0w latest version and use downgrade baseband option once or twice and you should see it get stuck at the black verbose screen with white writing and message "do a clean slide to power off"

    Now just put your phone in dfu mode again using your hands and then open up itunes and do a normal restore and itunes will finish the normal restore, make sure you don't have that umbrella stuff running in background.

    This saved me because the Apple stores know i repeatedly go back there to exchange phones with warranties and they know that i bricked it myself so i voided warranty but now it's unbricked, good luck with this method.
    Sorry for bumping an old thread but I've been following these instructions
    I don't know if I'm doing it wrong, but it isn't working.

    I have an out of warranty 3Gs bricked with the iPad baseband, I've tried restoring to iOS 4.1, 5.0.1 and 6.1.3 and I can successfully restore using a no BB custom firmware with redsn0w but restoring through iTunes always end up with -1 error .

    Tried the method described above and it didn't work, unplugging phone at verifying part with itunes ends up in recovery mode, downgraded iPad baseband twice using redsn0w but I don't get the "do a clean slide to power off" I get the pineapple screen then stays for about 5 minutes at flashing baseband and then says rebooting and reboots to a working iOS 6 (this time but for other versions is exactly the same) with no BB, WiFi and bluetooth.
    I can't even use this phone as an iPod because it keeps restarting.
    Any help would be highly appreciated.
    2013-12-13 07:58 PM
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