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    I have an Iphone 3GS with ios 5.1.1 and ipad baseband 6.15.00. I have a whole hosts of apps and files on my Iphone. Is it possible to downgrade the baseband without jailbreaking again?

    Many thanks
    2012-10-07 09:19 PM
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    As i read the TUTO, you just have to check Downgrade from iPad baseband and do not check install cydia, it will take around 5-8 minutes...

    If it not work you will have to restore without jailbreak and try it again with checking install cydia and check Downgrade from iPad baseband also. with the second option you will lose everything, except if you save apple thing on iCloud and cydia thing with xBackup...
    2012-10-08 01:30 AM
  3. secreto99's Avatar
    As i read the TUTO, you just have to check Downgrade from iPad baseband and do not check install cydia, it will take around 5-8 minutes...
    That's great news, thanks for getting back to me Can you let me know where can I read this 'TUTO' ? (is this web speech/slang for tutorial?)
    2012-10-08 11:27 AM
  4. Christ6197's Avatar
    tutorial, but i have it in french only, i will try to find it in english...

    Télécharger Redsn0w 0.9.14B1 (MAC / WIN)

    Ouvrir Redsn0w et aller dans Extras->Select IPSW

    Sélectionner l’iOS que vous avez sur votre iPhone

    Eteindre votre iPhone en utilisant le slide d’origine (appui long sur bouton power)

    Revenir à l’écran d’accueil de Redsn0w (sans le fermer)

    Cliquer sur le bouton « Jailbreak »

    Sélectionner l’option « Downgrade from iPad baseband » et ne pas cocher « Cydia » si votre iPhone est déjà jailbreaké.

    > Après le lancement du "Ramdisk" vous verrez l'image "PwnApple" sur votre iPhone, avec eventuellement l'étape "Flashing Baseband".

    > Cette étape prend beaucoup de temps, laissez le faire pendant 3 à 8 minutes. Une fois terminé rebootez simplement l'iPhone.

    > Ceux qui souhaitent désimlocker leur 3G ou 3GS en installant la baseband 06.15 pour ensuite pouvoir downgrader vers 05.13 désimlockable avec Ultrasn0w c'est possible !
    In english on the dev-team blog...

    Happy 4th of July! Today’s release of redsn0w 0.9.14b2 improves the iPad baseband downgrade and should cover anyone who couldn’t downgrade with 0.9.14b1. This version covers 3 different types of NOR chips in the iPhone 3G and 3GS (the earlier version covered only the most prevalent NOR chip). We’ve also simplified the process and added logging to help diagnose any remaining stubborn iPhones.

    The revised steps are:

    Connect your iPhone in normal mode, then click “Jailbreak” after redsn0w identifies its model and BB version (you needn’t pre-select the IPSW anymore).
    Choose the “Downgrade from iPad baseband” option (you needn’t worry about de-selecting Cydia anymore).
    Do a controlled “slide to power off” shutdown of your phone and proceed through the normal DFU ramdisk steps.

    Should the downgrade fail to take, feel free to leave the redsn0w log in the comments below. Use the “Extras->Even more->Backup” button to grab a copy of /var/mobile/Media/redsn0w_logs, then extract the log text file(s) from the zip and paste them into the comments (currently that log file is generated only during baseband downgrade runs).

    NOTE: The original warning about 3GS units manufactured in early 2011 or later still holds! They have a NOR chip that’s incompatible with 06.15.00 and so trying to install it will brick the device. Please read and re-read the warning in our earlier post.
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    2012-10-08 01:14 PM
  5. secreto99's Avatar
    I have downloaded redsnow 0.9.14b2 and followed the instructions, I ticked downgrade baseband and the program ran but when my iphone restarted it showed that I don't have bluetooth, wifi, or any firmware showing? please help.
    2012-10-08 07:51 PM
  6. Christ6197's Avatar
    Try to re-install mobile substrate and ultrasn0w...
    2012-10-08 08:18 PM
  7. secreto99's Avatar
    All sorted now, I ran redsnow again and it put the necessary baseband on the iphone thanks
    2012-10-09 11:13 AM