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    Not sure if its possible or not but i have a jailbroken 3gs running 5.0.1 with ipad bb installed and using ultrasn0w for unlock. It runs really slow on 5.0.1 and was wondering if it can be downgraded to 4.2.1?

    The phone was purchased jailbroken and running 5.0.1 but i had a 3gs running 4.2.1 and felt the phone performed better.

    any help or advice would be appreciated!
    2012-10-07 11:31 PM
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    Yeah, 4.2.1 was best on 3GS.... Better battery life, mem usage, etc... That being said, 5.1.1 is pretty good too. It's all about features... 5 gives u iMessage, better email, faster web browsing, etc... Depends on what u want.. If u want to go back to 4.2.1, u gotta have blobs saved for it for that phone..

    I swore by 4.2.1 for a long time... All the way through 5.1... If u have problems, and have blobs saved for any FW, u could try a DFU restore to FW of choice n setup as a new phone and not from backup... That is of course if u back up everything outside of iTunes backup... Tell what blobs u have first n we'll go from there...

    And do u unlock?..
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    2012-10-07 11:37 PM
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    Hey! Thanks for the quick reply!!
    I don't have blobs saved. Is it not possible to download generic blobs for 4.2.1
    2012-10-07 11:42 PM
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    Nope... shsh blobs are device specific... Have u JB before?... If so Cydia may have them...let me know

    Let me clarify...has this phone ever been JB....

    I would download either latest TinyUmbrella or redsn0w and request blobs from Cydia...just to check...
    2012-10-08 04:39 AM
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    Yes, the phone is jb but it was already done before I purchased it.
    I will look at Cydia an post update.


    Forgot to mention I have jailbroke before i done my own 3G which was running on 4.2.1 via redsn0w with ultrasn0w for unlock before I smashed the screen on it :-( I wouldn't say im a genius at it but can defo follow a tutorial ;-)
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    2012-10-08 05:50 PM