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    I have just jailbreaken an iPhone 3 using RedSn0w. Purpose is to find a way to upgrade from 4.2.1 so I can use several apps that require 4.3, including Facebook. Alternative is to be able to install the old Facebook.

    Thank you someone for patiently pointing me forward. I have read that somewhere on Cydia there should be an older version of Facebook, and maybe I need something called appsynch. I haven't been able to find other info for this old a phone.

    Ok, I know. An ancient phone. I had a 3GS, jailbroken, as a GoPhone, but washed it. A friend gave me an iPhone 3. We have very little cell phone reception, so primarily use it as a PDA (spreadsheets, notes, etc), calendar, with occasional phone calls. Oh, and I will start using Square for credit cards. Oh, and Facebook to promote our farmers market while at market.

    For one, I don't use a phone enough to justify a regular phone plan. Second, I wash a phone or camera at least once a year (farmer - sometimes get clothes so dirty they go directly into the wash, or sometimes the camera gets put into a tote of salad greens, covered with greens, and then the greens get washed). So, don't roll your eyes too much about an iPhone 3, though if anyone has a stash of newer they would like to donate ...
    2012-10-10 04:56 AM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    4.2.1 is the highest firmware ya iPhone 3G can go to. Not sure what else ya wanna know. So ask again
    2012-10-10 01:17 PM
  3. Skipper Dan's Avatar
    If you would rather I start a new thread I can but I am on about the same page.

    I have a 3G (I am in Peru) It is jailbroke and unlocked.

    I locked it up twice now and do not want to do it again so now I am very careful.

    The last time I took it to the Peruvian guru He uses a flash to get it back running. It came back with 3.1.3 (7E18). I want to go back to 4.2.1 which I had last time before I froze it, but I do not want to have to go back to the guru because I froze it up again. can I update not restore without any problems? is there a way I can backup even the OP sys and load it back on it I have problems? I have Cydia. does tiny umbrella do anything for me?

    2012-10-13 01:55 AM