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    Ok I'll try going to 4.1 tomorrow morning once I get there do you think I can just do a regular restore in iTunes and point it to a regular 5.1.1 iOS? And what if my baseband is already screwed up? Will going to 4.1 just go threw with a stock ios4.1 or do I have to do a custom 4.1 pwndfu ? Restore with redsnow ? Any tutorials out there that fit what I'm trying to do with 4.1 new bootrom ?
    2012-10-27 08:52 AM
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    Recommend custom ipsw with no baseband use snowbreeze
    put ur iPhone in dfu mode then run IReb

    Now open iTunes then restore with iTunes
    Make sure ur host Is set to apple
    2012-10-27 01:36 PM
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    ok so i used redsnow restored pointed to 5.1.1 it actually went threw made it all the way to the end literally like 99.9% done and then a error popped up saying itunes error -1 in redsnow. the same exact error that i had in itunes when i went to restore my phone to io6. that -1 error came back to haunt me . simon you said it was a baseband error. is there a way to change the baseband like i see in redsnow when you hit jailbreak you can just check off upgrade to ipad baseband or downgrade baseband should i try one of those then run the restore again .? i found a 3gs with a messed up back light for sale on craigslist they said the phone works great but the back light will shut off or flicker every once in a while and then they have to turn the phone off and on to get it to work again. so im thinking i might buy that phone on monday then just swap the guts from that phone out into the screen and back plate from this phone . but what do you think about that -1 error ? i called a local phone shop and some girl told me that her customer had the same problem and all she did was hook it up to her computer and it fixed the error ? i dunno im at a loss of words right now
    2012-10-27 10:17 PM
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    try recovery fix
    2012-10-27 10:30 PM
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    ok so i managed to actually restore my phone to 5.1.1 i think it went threw with a error but i figured id try redsnow to fix recovery and see if it would boot it and it did . the phone turned on i thought i was out of the woods ! i selected english and united states then it said connect to itunes i put my sim in it i connected to itunes i thought great its working then all of a sudden the phone shut off and now it reboots its self every two minutes shuts down and restarts . wont stay on long enough for itunes to recognize the phone and i guess activate it any ideas now lol
    2012-10-27 10:47 PM
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    No idea but how is battery on it
    2012-10-27 11:29 PM
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    ok update i got the phone working and in 5.1.1 i just jailbroke it instead of activating it and it works fine BUT if i go into settings about i have no modem firmware listed ?????? no wifi no bluetooth no service ... what the heck do i do now is it possible for me to not have a baseband?

    basically i know my baseband is screwed up massivly . im guessing some one tried installing the ipadbaseband at some point and thats what caused the bricked phone in the first place. i do have the phone working in my hand with a teathered hactivated jailbreak but not possible to make calls go on wifi or use it for a phone of any type. is there a way to install the baseband again ? this has been a nightmare i finally get the phone on after literally trying everything and now this bs
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    2012-10-27 11:31 PM
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    You can try it installing iPad baseband only if it's not newer 3GS
    Look it's already become a iPod
    Wort of trying to install iPad baseband

    I mean newer 3GS is newer chip in it if it build in 2011 u have to search or on redsn0w site have this note on it
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    2012-10-27 11:56 PM
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    its a new bootrom and i beleive its a newer 3gs and im guessing thats what screwed the phone up in the first place is someone installed the ipad baseband and bricked the phone. is there a way to restoring the old baseband some how ? like can i try to restore to 4.3 will that restore my baseband ? what happens when someone installs the ipad baseband on a newer 3gs why does it brick the phone ? and theres no coming out of it huh ?
    2012-10-28 12:31 AM
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    If u go http://blog.iphone-dev.org they have online tool to tell all ur iPhone details when u enter the serial number see if it's newer chip or when its build
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    2012-10-28 01:09 AM
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    Like I said bro I don't need to do that I already know it's the newer phone new chip and new bootrom I did all of that already and I posted that info in my earlier posts BUT

    I'm ending this thread thanks for all the help and support from you guys but today I did get the phone running and after I realized there was no baseband running I figured it was done for so I called apple and checked the serial number come to find out the phone was only one month out of warranty so I got lucky with the guy that was on the phone with me he basically had me do the restore to ios6 when the -1 error popped up he put me on hold came back and told me he talked to his supervisor and they are going to replace the phone for me for free ! Told me I'd most likely get a 4 or 4s swapped for my 3GS but I'd be happy with a 3GS he said he didn't think they would give me a 3GS probably a 4 . So I'm pumped I gotta send the phone out Monday and by next Monday I'll have my new phone. Thankfully I got a nice tech on the phone and he helped me out and got a out of warranty exchange for me. So I'm happy with that result I'll have to go a week with out a phone but I'll make do I think my mom has a old AT&T flip I can use lol . But thanks for all the help.
    2012-10-28 03:23 AM
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    No problem bro flip phone better then no phone lol good
    u got lucky with deal from apple
    2012-10-28 04:26 AM
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    Yeah I def did get lucky . One week with a flip phone isn't bad at all just gotta find it lol . Apple def pulled threw for me this time
    2012-10-28 05:01 AM
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