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    My friend forget his code from his iphone so i wanted to restore it for him. So i did it and went back from 4.1 to 4.0 on his iphone 3g with base band 06.15 de ipad basend. But the problem came when i wanted to jaimbreak his phone but his home bitton was dead. So i used the function in the extra of redsnow. I created a ipsw restored it en i got a error. I pressed on (normally i shouldnt do that but i did) and after that i opened redsnow and wanted to jailbreak. But it couldnt so restored again and then redsnow said that the iphone was in wtf mide.. The screen was still black. After a while itunes didnt recognize the iphone and the iphone wont turn on even with the wall charger. Wat should i do?! Help me please..!
    2012-11-01 10:48 AM