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    Just purchased a friends old iPhone 3Gs (only 30 so not complaining) thinking I'd give it to my daughter for Christmas to replace her smashed iPod and a.n.other mobile - also in dire straits.

    Anyway, thought I'd be able to unlock it easily being as it's an older iPhone but it appears the previous owner was religious in upgrading so it's running ios 6.0.1 and baseband 05.16.07. I have followed every mainstream idea and some kooky ones just to try and get a carrier unlock on it. Not prepared to pay >50 to get it unlocked.

    It appears it is locked to Orange (now EE in the UK) but no current contract or even payg active on it. I followed the redsn0w guide it just says 'exploit failed' no other reason. Other methods have given me unknown error 3194 and 20 and nothing seems to work.

    So suggestions taken please on how to carrier unlock and if it gets jailbroken as well then so be it?


    edit: I should add that I'm trying to get it to work with a GiffGaff simn and iTunes simply refuses to recognise it.
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