1. bad15boy's Avatar

    I would like to ask you to help me downgrade my current iOS 5.1.1 to any working 4.x iOS that doesn't have the watchdog thing that causes my phone to crash every 5 minutes during a call or surfing the web.
    I also have the ipad baseband 06.15.00. I was able to upgrade the baseband because my phone was made a few months before that date..you know..
    I havent tried anything by myself yet, being afraid that if I downgrade it, the baseband may cause some problems or so.
    I have like no idea if I should downgrade the baseband first, then the software.
    Any help will be appreciated if I can finally get to using my iphone as a phone, not as a toy like now

    ps: I am sorry if I am reposting this, I didnt had the time to look around the forum
    2013-01-13 11:10 AM
  2. baskie's Avatar
    So you won't spend your time looking for an answer but expect others to offer you their time supplying the answers?

    Good luck with that.
    2013-01-13 11:18 AM