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    i have been out of the iPhone game for a bit but found my old 32GB 3Gs laying around and want to update it to the latest and greatest that allows a tether free unlocked and jailbreak phone? wasnt even sure what iOS version this is today?

    when i plug it in my iTunes wants to download and upgrade to verision 6.1.2

    my iPhone is the following:

    Version 4.3.1 (8G4)
    Model MC137LL
    Modem Firmware 05.13.04

    thanks for any advice.

    i was hoping i could just download a custom ipsw image ready to go if that is possible

    forgot to add it is already Jailbreak with Cydia
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    2013-03-14 05:30 PM
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    Did you get it fixed?
    2013-05-17 03:19 AM
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    i did. i ended up upgrading to latest OS and following JB/Unlock instructions since 3Gs can be hacked even if updated. at least i believe that is what i did it has been some time but i found a guide online by google iphone 3Gs latest OS jailbreak etc..
    "i believe louisiana is the pelican state"
    2013-05-17 03:30 AM