1. WOTS's Avatar
    Long time since returning to modmyi. Got a new motherboard in my iphone 3gs and brought it back from the dead. Unfortunately it had 6.1.3 on it. What luck.

    I have read that I can downgrade 6.1.3 using ifaith to 5.1.1 without SHSH blobs using Cydia via ifaith, per lets unlockiphone.com. It appears this can only be done if the phone is factory unlocked first? The baseband of the phone is 05.18.08.

    There is so much BS out there with regard to jailbreaking and unlocking 6.1.3 I wanted to check here first as to the best way to attempt this, if it can be done. I don't have a problem going back to 5.1.1, but the article also suggest I can go back to 6.1.2?

    What I gather from this is I must buy the unlock, that using another unlock method will not work, it must be factory? When I used ifaith I saw no SHSH blobs to download to create a signed IPSW as I have none stored up there except the ones from my dead motherboard running 4.X, which don't show up. I also wonder if the version of itunes I have, the newest will stop me from going back to 5.1.1, if so what version do I need?

    I did try to do a teathered jailbreak on this phone but nothing on the windows side could get it into DFU mode only the mac side worked and then kept getting 1600, 1601 error no matter what I did.

    Lots of questions it looks like the best thing for me to do is go back to 5.1.1.

    Any help you might offer would be great would love to get my jailbroken unlocked iphone back.

    Thank you,

    2013-07-12 07:47 AM
  2. Danilish's Avatar
    Dear Wots !
    You can downgrade back to iOs 5.1.1 without the saved blobs !
    You'll have to download the blobs through tiny umbrella first !
    Then create a custom IPSW using iFaith !
    Then you can preserve your baseband( if your phone is not factory unlocked) with sn0wbreeze using that 'created IPSW' with iFaith !
    Then simply put ur phone in DFU mode and restore that created ipsw made by sn0wbreeze !
    2013-08-02 02:40 AM