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    although I'm no stranger to jailbreaking, it's been a while since I've toyed with a 3gs. I remember when I had mine I always preserved my baseband by using snowbreeze (i think it was) to build a custom firmware (ipsw).

    anyways, I just got a 3gs off ebay. to my surprise it's jailbroken.
    here are the specs
    Model MC136LL
    ios 4.2.1
    modem firmware is 05.15.04

    my idea is to use the phone when I travel abroad, so I want to reset it as new, jailbreak it and then unlock it.
    I just don't feel confortable entering credit card info for apps, etc with a phone without wiping it first.

    so my question, since this has been a while.

    if I try to restore, I think apple will install 6.1.3 on it.
    I'm not sure if it will update the baseband or not, which if I remember correctly will determine if I can later unlock it.

    I imagine there are jailbreaks for it.

    anything I should be careful of?
    for some reason tiny umbrella wont open on my pc, so I was about to start tinkering with java (re-install it).

    can someone point me in the direction of the correct procedure?

    I guess I can try to just unlock it as is, but I'm on 4.2.1, so I'm guessing a lot of the newer Cydia apps may not work? figure I need to be on 6.x.x at least.

    my 4s is still on 6.1.2, and I'm happy with that and the apps available to me.

    throw me a bone! lol


    EDIT: it has a the new bootrom.

    it looks like I can use ios 6.0.1 and make a custom ipsw, but I dont know if this will install. I used ifaith to check and no shsh are available.
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    well it all came back to me little by little. a little reading and searching and i'm done.

    fyi, tiny umbrella fix if it wont restart: turns out last time I ran it, it save by blobs on an external and this was the path saved, so I delete the key in my registry and it created a new path on my local C drive. TinyUmbrella fails to launch - SOLUTION

    i ended up restoring to 6.1.6. seems that now the basebands can be updated to ipad baseband and then downgraded with redsnow, so no worries (unless you 3-5 digits on serial number are 134 or higher.) mine was middle of 2000, where the issue is with week 34 and newer of 2001. redsnow will alert you, just make sure you read up here.. Dev-Team Blog - Restoration reinvigoration
    EDIT: oops, that was the wrong link,.. this is the link i mean to post

    this you tube walk you through entire process..

    i dont have a sim, but all looks good and i'm untethered now. seems it just came out a few days ago on the 24th of feb 2014. finally , I'm lucky since i just got this in the mail today!p0sixspwn updated to jailbreak iOS 6.1.6

    EDIT: oh yeah, I used this method in device manager to see whether it was new or old bootrom. it seems like the best way.

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