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    iPhone 3GS running on 5.0.1 (untethered) in iPad baseband. Does the baseband need to be switched back before an OS update say to iOS 6. If the baseband needs to switched back then how to do that ?

    The device is having an old bootrom.

    Sorry it's on new bootrom !!

    2010 week 2
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    2014-03-18 06:45 AM
  2. EVO's Avatar
    Hello, are you still facing this issue?

    I apologize for the long delay.

    Let me know, and I shall assist you.
    2014-03-25 06:28 AM
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    Yes , I am still at the same situation. The phone is now running on iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak with iPad baseband . I would like to update the OS .

    That was did a couple of years back. After that no update or alterations made so far.

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    It is best that you downgrade the ipad baseband back to 05.13.04 before you update the iOS.

    The ipad baseband was meant as a temporary solution of allowing users to unlock their phones if the baseband was updated to an unlockable baseband.

    But with the downgrade capability, there is no reason one should stay at the ipad baseband.

    Therefore, downgrade using redsn0w.

    Then you can update to iOS 6.1.6.
    2014-03-25 08:46 AM
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    5.16.05 was the native baseband for the phone. So will it get downgraded to 5.16.05 or the 5.13.04 is a preset baseband by Ultrasn0w ??
    2014-03-25 09:20 AM
  6. EVO's Avatar
    It will be downgraded to 05.13.04.
    2014-03-25 09:26 AM
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    Okay Thnx mate 👍👍

    Currently I have issue with the location services in iPad baseband. Will that be fixed with the new baseband??

    And will I loose the jailbreak on changing the baseband?
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    The ipad baseband has known issues, which should be included in my explanation from the last post.

    You are ok to downgrade to 05.13.04 without loosing your jailbreak.
    2014-03-25 10:57 PM
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    Okay so first I have to downgrade the baseband using Ultrasnow, then upgrade the OS to 6.1.6
    Is the 6.1.6 update has to be done directly from iTunes or using a custom firmware using ultrasnow . Confused
    Can you list the steps to be done .
    Thanks again 👉
    2014-03-26 05:05 AM
  10. EVO's Avatar
    What you need to do before you update is to downgrade the baseband using redsn0w, not ultrasn0w.

    You can download redsn0w here:‎

    Then go here to download the iOS 5.0.1 and 6.0, not 6.1.6, but 6.0:
    iClarified - iPhone - Where To Download iPhone Firmware Files From

    Follow the youtube guide here to downgrade your baseband:

    In this video, instead of pointing it to 5.1.1 as mentioned, point redsn0w to the 5.0.1 firmware you downloaded

    Once you are done and verified the baseband has been downgraded, you can update to iOS 6.1.6 in itunes. If you have anything important on the phone, make a backup in itunes first before you update.

    Once that is done, follow the guide here to jailbreak and unlock your phone:

    Be aware that in your 2nd video, you will have to update to the ipad baseband again, simply because when you update to 6.1.6, your baseband gets updated to the current support baseband for 6.1.6, which is not supported by ultrasn0w.

    ultrasn0w is what allows you to unlock your iphone.

    Therefore, once you follow the instructions in the 2nd video, you have to go back again to the first video and downgrade the baseband, but this time you have to point redsn0w to the iOS 6.0 firmware instead of the 5.0.1 firmware.
    2014-03-26 10:04 AM