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    I bought two second-hand iPhone 3Gs for my family. I need to unlock them, which wouldn't be a problem if the given tools would work as they are supposed to.

    I spent hours just getting around different errors without much progress. I had a iPod Touch 4G a few years ago and I don't remember having so much trouble with it.

    I am now stuck at the part in which I need to flash my Custom IPSW, but I cannot get around the 16xx errors in iTunes. I tried every possible sollution I could find on Google, none helped (I got the 1601 error once).

    I tried multiple iTunes version, from 10.0 to now 10.7, also the latest versions which I uninstalled because they apparently block Custom Firmwares.

    The iPhone 3G should be on 3.1.3 now and is in WTF/Pwned DFU Mode (tried both iReb R6 and R7, they don't fix what they're supposed to fix).

    Any idea how to get rid of those iTunes errors or is there a way to flash Custom Firmwares without iTunes?

    I tried different cables, different USB Ports, installed Motherboard Chipset Drivers, rebooted multiple times...
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