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    I have 5 iPhone3GS that i downgraded from iOS 6.1.6 to iOS 4.1 without shsh (Apple still sing iOS 4.1 foto iPhone 3GS). Now I Want to downgrade to iOS 3 how can i do? I try with a custom firmware made with Sn0wbreeze, i put my iPhone in pwned DFU mode with iReb, and i start TSS server on TinyUmbrella, and with iTunes i restore iOS 3.1.3 custom firmaware. It works but when iTunes finish, say me that there is an unknow error 6, and my iPhone still in an DFU Mode (if i connect it to RedSn0w it say that iPhone is in DFU mode), I try to press home+power for more than 10 seconds but it's not turning on. I try to jailbreak it with old RedSn0w (0.9.4) but it can't jailbreak because old RedSn0w don't do jailbreak in DFU mode. If i restore iPhone with iOS 4.1 it work perfectly. I also try to modify iOS 3.0 with iOS 4.1, i copying iOS 4.1 .plist file and another file that i think is kernelcache in iOS 3.0 folder, and i rename RamDisk and another file of iOS 3.0 to the name of the same files on iOS 4.1, in this mode when i restore, iTunes tell me that I'm going to restore iOS 4.1, and it has to work beacuse of Apple still sign that firmware(like i see in a video), but it doesn't work. How can i downgrade to iOS 3 without shsh? Shsh are made with iPhone's ECID,iOS version, and iPhone's UDID, if I save iOS 4.1 shsh there's a way to modify? I have MacOS and Windows, so if you know a possibility method for Windows or for MacOS tell me please. Sorry for my basic and bad English, I'm italian.
    2016-12-19 12:32 PM