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    I have a plethora of opportunities to download apps, but I've used so many, I don't know what the best ones are. I like utilizing the phone more for utility and productivity, so that's the kind of list I'm going for.

    You may ask, "what's in it for me?". I don't blame you. I have nothing to give, but others viewing this list might see something that they could really use. Something you could be the first to bring to the public eye.

    I'll make easy, I'll start with my Favorite ten.

    1. Air Video - even though the server on a Windows PC can be iffy, one its up and running, you can watch all the videos you have in your library. It even provides a conversion tool and a direct streaming conversion so you don't have to convert your entire library.

    2. Pano - probably the fastest and most reliable app I have used to create panoramic photos. Great for landscapes and seascapes.

    3. PayPal - I always recommend PayPal as a way to send/receive money. This app let's you keep track of your account.

    4. AccuWeather - this app has a better UI than The Weather Channel app and in most cases has much more accuracy than any app ... including the native weather app.

    5. Mobile Mouse - my computer serves as the media outlet for my television and I have a wireless keyboard/mouse, but sometimes I just don't want to get up from my cozy couch and for some reason, my iPhone is always handy. Use this app as a remote mouse and media remote.

    6. LogMeIn Ignition - the price fluctuates, but it's still a high price. As of now, its $29.99. While that is expensive and TeamViewer does the same thing, I have found that this app runs faster, feels more secure, and has just a few more features than other RDP apps.

    7. DropBox - there's really nothing better than having this app to save/sync and view important docs from anyway. This may become obsolete as iCloud gets popular.

    8. YouMail - this app is for which lets you have an alternative voicemail box with custom greetings for individual callers and block unwanted calls. A most have!

    9. Scan Pages - Go Green and back up all your paper documents digital on your iDevice.

    10. Crunchyroll - all your Anime needs in one location. Only drawback is you need to be on WiFi to watch videos free or become a subscribing member and watch on 3G network.
    2011-11-28 08:01 PM