1. ashcrow's Avatar
    Trying to hit the diminute keys is so painful. The fact that the pressed key gets zoomed after you click it is of little help: it just shows me that I pressed the wrong one most of the time.

    I had been using TenGO Thumb for PocketPC for a long time, and THAT's what the iPhone should have provided, nothing less. It's the only thing that can make a querty keyboard bereable:

    Imagine if the iPhone keyboard had something like that:

    I'd only have to worry about hitting those 6 big keys (I surrounded each with a different color just so that you see what I mean), and the software would take care of disambiguating what I meant while typing. In my experience, this is the only productive way to type with your fingers.

    a nokia t9 input will be good too.
    2008-04-09 10:24 AM
  2. D3VIL™'s Avatar
    ahhh, that just looks more confusing.... I don't have a problem with the keyboard.

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    2008-04-09 11:06 AM
  3. Mister K.'s Avatar
    I do have my Iphone since two weeks.
    The keyboard is not so easy to use for someone with fingers like mine.

    I had a ppc before and i know there are a bunch of different keyboards you can use.
    But i am also sure, that there are no other keyboards for the iphone, cause i've been on many boards and sites and they all said: if you want it, you have make it.

    The only thing i found is changing the colour via artwork-files, but not the whole input method.

    I would really apprecciate if a talented programmer could make this possible.
    2008-04-09 12:21 PM
  4. jacensolo's Avatar
    I've never really had a problem with the iPhone keyboard, other than the occasional spelling errors, 80% of which are picked up and fixed by the spell checker.

    Also, unless I'm hallucinating, the spellchecker is actually learning new words as I type, unless plist and customizeapp and MMi are in it's default word list.
    2008-04-09 09:39 PM