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  1. Benz145's Avatar
    There could not be one application more important to me (and many others) than a ToDo list. Right now there are three available to me through installer. Two of them provide some decent functionality (ToDo List, and ToDo List2). I'm actually using the older ToDo list because it has a better interface, but unfortunately it is more complicated to add entries.

    I could not survive without a ToDo list, the one I'm using now provides me with the bear minimum I can function with. I've emailed the developer with suggestions and offering to help test, however haven't heard back from them in a long time, it would appear as though they are no longer working on the project which is very upsetting.

    Please someone, I beg you, please make a quality ToDo list for the iPhone/iPod Touch! I am absolutely willing to help test and do anything else in my power necessary to create a good ToDo list. Is it really that complicated of a program to write? I don't have any coding experience so I really cannot talk, but from my ignorant point of view, all you really need need are categories, check boxes and due dates.
    2008-04-10 12:59 AM
  2. wahkiz's Avatar
    What sort of interface are u looking for?
    2008-04-10 09:22 PM
  3. Benz145's Avatar
    Nothing complicated at all. All I need is a view of the categories, then what is inside those categories (or at least how many), and I need to be able to see due dates next to the tasks. The one I'm using now uses a pretty good model. It uses a style like the iPhone/iPod Touch's Contacts application. The silver divider bars have the category labels on them (ie: Work, Personal), then under the bar you can see the tasks that you've added just like someone with the name John Doe would be listed in the Contacts list under the "D" category. Oh and we can't forget about easy to tap check boxes to check off tasks that have been finished (there should have an option to move checked off tasks to a "Done" or similar category that is hidden unless you enable done tasks to be visible. Of course there are many other simple interfaces that could be implemented.

    Problems with the current ToDo list is that it takes far to many presses to add a task. You can't see the date unless you click to enter the details page of the task (which you have to press the edit button before you can do get to that page). When you try to add the due date, there is a scrolling wheel similar to the one when you set the date in the settings menu. This is actually really nice, but the date for some reason is set by default to 5 days after the current date. This means I have to bring up another menu to change the date nearly every I enter a task.

    The steps to add a task are this -
    1. Launch the app
    2. Press the + button
    3. Enter the description
      • keyboard is already on the screen and description field already contains the cursor
    4. Click the due date field
      • this takes the keyboard off the screen and takes me to a page with the date scroller (date is set 5 days to todays date so I nearly always have to set it to tomorrows date)
    5. Scroll to the date
    6. Hit the back button
    7. Hit the back button again
    To edit a task:
    1. Edit button
    2. Click the task
    3. Edit desired fields (for example, date)
    4. Back button
    5. Back button to main screen
    6. Done button (otherwise you'll stay in edit mode and can't check off tasks)
    Obviously this could all be simplified and there are several small features that when added would make a quality ToDo list. Please, if you have any interested in creating something like this, I could practically graphically draw out the plans for you, I just don't know things on the technical end.
    2008-04-11 03:05 AM
  4. wahkiz's Avatar
    Well if you could illustrate how you think a To Do list would be more practical, i can help you on the technical side ^^
    2008-04-11 09:51 AM