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    Is there a way to make the iphone games which are only available in the safari web browser, compatible so that you can play them offline.
    2007-10-18 08:10 AM
  2. Dash-2's Avatar
    In theory..
    though it can be REALLY hard to download ALL of the files to run natively.

    I'm using Apache to do this.
    It's as far as I got before digging deep into the code to find all of the hidden files.

    EDIT: Solitaire worked with only one html file. =D
    Oops, because it's only one file, it downloads all of the images at the beginning. (but then you can play offline..)

    EDIT 2:
    Got the chess clock working (because it's simple, only 8 files.) Doesn't connect to internet.

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    2007-10-18 09:01 AM